The Journey to More Color

And authentic expression

I remember the day a client asked, "Did you ever notice how your website is bold, but your in person experience is soft and gentle?" This was fall of 2018 and for months I felt as though I outgrew a shell of some sort, but couldn't place it.

The next year and a half was a whirlwind of opening my first studio location, being nominated for a Best in Tampa Bay reward, winning an entrepreneur pitch content and applying makeup for Kim Mulkey and her coaching staff as they won the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship in Tampa.

Then Spring of 2020 happened and suddenly nothing else mattered but getting to the root of disconnect within my expression. It took time to uproot weeds and plant new seeds of self-acceptance and the Image Curation Framework was designed to speed up the process.

Each image curation experience is an invitation to more self-love as clients embrace all that makes them unique, complex individuals.  
Are you ready to bloom? Join me!

Image consultant discussing the need for true expression and a redefined self-image