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What makes the Glow Different?

Many women dim their light to fit societal expectations, losing touch with their true selves. At GLOW by Natalia Barlow, we empower women leaders to rediscover and illuminate their authentic selves. Through personalized clarity calls, makeup lessons, wardrobe audits, and communication coaching, we nurture inner harmony, personal growth, and authenticity. Our holistic approach not only enhances outer beauty but also reconnects you with your inner radiance, allowing you to shine confidently in all aspects of life. This transformative journey makes GLOW a sanctuary for women seeking to reclaim and celebrate their true brilliance.

What does Image Curation consist of?

Image Curation is a transformative journey of discovering, accepting, and authentically expressing your true self. Through our process, we uncover your purpose, achieve a harmonious balance of masculine and feminine energies, and establish meaningful relationships that support your unique expression. Together, we explore and embrace these insights, refining your communication and cultivating a signature makeup look and style that authentically reflect your inner radiance.

What can I expect during a Signature Makeup Lesson?

Signature makeup lessons include a personal color analysis, an audit of your current skincare and makeup products and routine, and an introductory lesson that starts with your skincare routine and concludes with setting spray application. You'll receive an image blueprint featuring 12 complimentary tones for your complexion, detailed steps for your routine, and suggestions for further enhancing your makeup expertise.

Is communication coaching beneficial for personal and professional growth?

Communication coaching at GLOW by Natalia Barlow enhances workplace and personal connections by focusing on utilizing your voice as an instrument, intentional word choice, nonverbal cue awareness, and integrating color theory and wardrobe to authentically convey your message effectively.


"What an incredibly profound and meaningful process!"

- Kate Remauro, Psychiatric Nurse Practioner 

image consultation for professional women

I am thrilled to share my experience working with Natalia whose expertise in image curation has profoundly impacted my personal journey. 

In our session, I was guided to better understand deeper aspects of my identity and how I express myself in various settings and through my interpersonal connections with others. 

Throughout the experience, Natalia demonstrated exceptional professionalism and an innate ability to facilitate deep self-reflection. 

Natalia holds an inviting, supportive and affirming presence which creates the ideal container for this work! 

I came away from this process with a greater sense of authenticity and confidence! Understanding the self through female archetypes is also very fun, creative and exciting!

I think this is a very powerful experience for all women to gain a better understanding of their inner selves and how to authentically express this outwardly. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

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"Natalia helps you understand yourself better as a human and use makeup as a way to communicate..."

- Alexis Quintal, CEO of Rosarium PR + Marketing

image consultation for professional women

I was never interested in makeup, but once I became a CEO and started speaking at events and creating video content, I knew that it would be necessary to get comfortable with.

Luckily, I knew exactly who to go to for support!

Natalia is so fun to work with because for her, it's about much more than makeup. She helps you understand yourself better as a human and use makeup as a way to communicate your power as a woman to others.

I would highly recommend Natalia to other women interested in learning more about makeup and self care!

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Natalia is great at what she does, she was hired to help me develop my professional branding. she took the time to listen to my vision and concept and offered advice on everything from coloring to poses and body mechanics prior to the photoshoot and the day of the photoshoot she was timely and professional, and my makeup was perfect.  She truly takes the time to make the client feel special and bring out the inner strengths.

- Dee Holton, Psychologist

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